My First Cal Game (as a photographer)

September 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Following up on the email that started it all - we also have my first Cal game as a photographer.

Photo by Colleen CoxPhoto by Colleen Cox

In my mom's habit of trying to document every bit of my life (she almost single-handedly kept the film industry in business) Here's me, my very first time covering Cal Football on a photo credential. I was wearing my Rally Comm gear because I figured, well if my photo credential isn't there, at least I'll still be able to go join my friends with the rally committee and enjoy the game as a student. 

My parents won a ticket upgrade (hence my mom being able to take these photos)

I was so excited for this opportunity, to walk on the field of an NCAA DI football field, during the good times of Marshawn Lynch. 

I met John Todd for the first time and thought he was just a photo god!

My boyfriend at the time was also at the game, and when he saw me on the field and I was hoping his reaction would be along the lines "wow, that is/you are so cool" he instead said "your backpack looks silly". In all fairness, it is a small and rather silly backpack (this was clearly before I my affiliation with ThinkTankPhoto), but it was still a reminder that I needed a partner in life who would BUILD my confidence, especially when cautiously and excitedly taking steps to something that excites me.

Thankfully, I had my dear friend Roushani, who I originally met at Girls State, my roommate that year, who has ALWAYS been a champion and supporter of me pursuing my photography career. With a "you can do it" attitude while she did the UCDC program, earned her law degree, passed the NY bar exam, was named a Fullbright-Clinton Fellow, and now lives in DC and works as a Justice Advisor for the State Department. 

Oh and here's the photos I got from that game. Comparing to the set I first sent John, I would argue everyone can be a (slightly) better photographer with a little instruction.


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