Kelley L Cox | Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera gear do you use?

I predominantly shoot with canon though I've been experimenting with the Olympus mirrorless line.

What kind of camera should I buy?

Unless you are going to learn how to manually adjust settings to take intentional photos, you're almost just as well served by your mobile phone. If you want to take great vacation photos, first learn how to take great everyday photos! If you are aiming to be a professional, don't go out and buy all the highest end gear and assume your photos will suddenly be great. Learn to use the gear you have and gradually upgrade your lenses and bodies while you discover what kind of gear you need in order to make the images you want to create.

Do you shoot ::insert genre::?

Sure! Though I focus my energy on sports and contracted corporate event assignments, I do the occasional wedding (any religion or orientation), the portrait, family session, and am always open to new projects where you think my eye matches your vision.

How can I purchase a photo I see in your archive?

While some of my feet and other travel, fine art or non-sport images can be ordered on this set, most of my images in my archive can be licensed through USA Today Sports Images or KLC fotos. Check the caption associated with the image to know where to direct a licensing request.

Can I be your assistant?

I'm not looking for an assistant at the moment and if you are hoping to carry my equipment around at a pro game, consider the likelihood that you, stranger, would be my first choice. But, if you are interested in becoming a photographer, check out KLC fotos and specifically the Prospective Photographer page.

What's the best way to break into the business?

Depends on what business you are trying to break into and whether you are aiming to be profitable or keep photography as a hobby. Photograph your local events, learn your camera, learn the industry you want to be in.

Will you review my portfolio?

Gladly! Send me an email with a link to 10-20 images and I will offer my honest feedback and advice to improve.