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Toronto FC defeats San Jose Earthquakes 3-1

May 29, 2010 - Ouch! I was so looking forward to the Quakes game Saturday because I hadn't covered a game since their opener, either be...
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FC Gold Pride defeats Chicago Red Stars 2-0

May 08, 2010 - Another win for FC Gold Pride!! No. 1 in WPS standings and still undefeated at home! Tiffeny Milbrett scored...
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Happy Birthday Daddy!

May 07, 2010 - On a non-photo related note, Happy Birthday to my dad! =) Here’s a photo of lil Billy as a boy. So cute!
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Cal Academic Honors Luncheon

May 06, 2010 - Every year Cal hosts a luncheon at Pauley Ballroom on campus to honor athletes with GPA 3.25 or higher. And every year I...
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Cal Rugby National Championship Book

May 05, 2010 - Spent the last few days creating a book using Blurp and their BookSmart software to commemorate the Cal Rugby National C...
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Cal Rugby Wins National Championship

May 01, 2010 - After a fun day of sailing I headed down to Stanford to shoot the Rugby National Collegiate Championship game, Cal vs BY...
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