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January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm excited to share a new, well sort of new, affiliate that I have a code for: MindShift Gear!

What is MindShift Gear? Well ya know ThinkTankPhoto that I love? This is an outdoor offshoot from them. Meaning all the great quality and customer service you're used to but more for the back trails than downtown.

I first used their gear on our trip to Cuba. The rotation 180 (Read the blog post about it here). Though it was more so intended for mirrorless, since I was only packing a 5D, a wide, a pancake, and a point and shoot, it held everything perfectly. And had the ever convenient pocket for water. And the top half to store my journal, sunscreen, cables, miscellany and ability to toss my sweater in there when it became warmer.

And now that I'm mostly mirrorless, it's even better!!

I am looking forward to getting into some of their larger packs.

Use the link to access the site (or any link that I posted above) and if you find something you like, I get a little kick-back and appreciate it so much!


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