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Photo credit: David Bernal Photography

Photo credit: David Bernal Photography

I am so thrilled to announce the Shoot Like Shirley Award and that it is now accepting applications!! (June 15- July 15)

Women under 30, please check out the site and apply. Everyone, please share with your networks.

How this award came together:

When Shirley passed away, I reached out to her widower to see how he wanted me to handle any future royalties. He generously offered KLC fotos to keep them. It felt inappropriate for KLC fotos to simply profit off her work and while I didn't expect many future royalties (she had mostly covered Junior Olympics coverage which is pretty time sensitive on orders, though we have had some orders come in years later) I wanted to put her royalties to use in a way that honored her legacy.

As I started gathering ideas and asking for his blessing to name an award in her honor, as well as his insight on what Shirley would have wanted the award to look like, he generously offered to include a significant financial prize, and later increased it to $1,000 for the recipient and the $500 for the runner up.

I wanted to make sure we did right by Shirley and her family so I started drafting the site and reaching out to photographers who had worked with Shirley to be the judges. From there I thought I'd reach out to some contacts at various companies to see if they were interested in contributing non-financial gifts. It is AMAZING what response you will get when you ask for a favor.

When I asked if ThinkTank Photo would be interested in offering a card wallet or something, they instead immediately shipped a Signature Series shoulder bag (MSRP $249.75). Camera Bits offered TWO PhotoMechanic licenses (a $300 value) in formal pdf package and turned it around the same day as my inquiry.

As I asked 49ers team photographer Terrell Llyod if he would introduce to me his contact at SanDisk since I knew he was on their extreme team, he replied that he would make the connection AND wanted to be a judge AND would offer the recipient a game day photo credential to shoot a 49ers game!

And then SanDisk followed up, offering a 128GB Card and Reader ($150+ value).

And of course, a thanks to David Bernal for being willing to share the beautiful photo of Shirley, in her element, that her family treasures.

So, women under 30, go apply and let's build this award into something where including "Shoot Like Shirley award recipient" on a resume and any editor or client would know the prestige that titles carries for their work, and the quality of character that person maintains.


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